Filipinos are great Inventors, Innovators and Developers with clean Souls

Filipinos are Great Inventors and Developers, Lets Support Made in the Philippines and I proudly introduce to all of you ” CALRIGER SolarRev CHARGINGCORE Power Station” a Proudly Filipino made Tactical Solar Generator Technology for the Filipino People

Filipinos have strong heart to achieve goals and dreams lined up in the list but this inherit power of every filipino is always tested by challenges that make us give up such as worries on financial limitations, family first priorities, lack of government funding support, difficulties on gathering resources, liabilities and responsibilities to the society and to the world and many more. These challenges must not stop us from reaching our dreams, achieving our goals and making our own innovations and technologies because we can make bridges to reach success and accomplishments even with the limited resources that we have, we just need to have faith in our capabilities and trust our Creator our God for His plans and help that He will send us after we have survived the trials that give us the wisdom that we need to understand the path to success constructed by God to us.

Support the Filipino Spirit and Patriotism and be strong in standing and fighting for your goals and dreams!

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Note: You can get inspiring wisdom from Block Camp Site CEO, Philipp Inno where randomly i read his post about work with whatever resources that you have.

You can get from social enterprise advocate Kritzia Santos the daily wisdom that your soul will need for you to walk in your journey the right way without hurting anyone or any soul. Visit her Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation to feed your soul with more goodness

You can get from Airos Airose Mae superb determination to stay happy and strong in reaching her dreams

You can get pure heart and goodness from Terranutra Herbals CEO, Lop Ponciano who advocates healthy living and at the same time do zero waste to protect the environment

You can get from Bob Sajot strong Marketing and business ideas that can lead your business to the right industry

You can get from General Rolando Jungco, one of the best Calriger Tech consultants, the importance of the power of the mind to smoothly walk in hard path and make complicated things easy, just how he did with his organic farming in his backyard which is now producing bounty harvest of fresh and organic healthy food. Not to mention all the wisdom he shared for me to develop useful technologies for tactical and emergency response purposes.

You can get from Josefine Vergara the dertmination to keep going and alway stay positive in achieving your missions

And many more people who keeps on standing and walking until they reach the success that can lead them to the next right success and they are doing this while protecting their clean good souls and standing and fighting against corruption of heart, mind and soul! Be strong, your Soul is walking with our Creator our God, Have Faith!

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