Who is Giancarlo Capco?


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Gcaps Giancarlo Capco in Harvard Business School World Business Plan Competition USA
Powered by Knowledge and Driven by the Right Principles = Success
The secret behind professional success is that you should do your best while you are studying and learn as much as possible everything, because in the future those knowledge will be you passport to success. —  GCAPS
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Gcaps overall.jpg
Life’s Trials, Experiences & Realizations contain Jewels of Wisdom & Virtues that we need to unlock in order for us to successfully grow & be efficient and effective in the fulfillment of our mission in this life.
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After I wrote my book titled as “Way of Life of a Strategist”, I realized that I have learned many things from my experiences and in facing challenges in life. Realization gives me the most wisdom that i can gain in this life time. Then most of the book segments came from the knowledge and principles I learned from my encounters with many individuals who also at the same time contributed in my development as a person who value so much the importance of virtues, right principles and the faith that we are all created by one supreme being, who is the Creator, our God
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GCaps principles discrimination
“We live not in total equality but we can call it substantial equality”. Each one takes part in making our world run and survive. Also, because of substantial equality, those who are determined to achieve more are all given equally opportunity to succeed in life and to raise their role in making this world survive, the higher achievements we want to have the bigger the responsibilities and obligations that will be attached to such higher role that we want to have in this world.
Global Advocacies Toward Empowered Societies International Missions
GCAPS Sovereign Integridad
GCaps- Team Captain of Sovereign Integridad Football Club
We need a leader to call not for mass promises but sincerity and determination for transformational changes
Think deep before doing an action… think first before saying a word.. think first before saying that you will do an action.. Think first and stop being impulsive. People who rush regrets in the end- Calriger Technologies

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