Find a Life Partner with Vision, Passion, Purpose and Guided by the Creator’s Virtues – CALRIGER ACTIVE LIFE

An non-negotiable checklist that a person needs to have in looking for a partner in life is a must and I can say that it is highly recommended to look for a life partner with Vision of good future, Passion to improve lives not just of the couple but including the people around and the whole world if still can and has the purpose to contribute in making the world a better place and with right love, and the partner must be guided by the gifts of virtues from God because with this walking together in the right path with real joy of love is a sure one. Read more at

Art by Calriger Active Life

Lop Pauline Ponciano
As Lop enjoys living her life actively and positively, she has the joy in her heart whenever she can bring people closer to God and whenever she helps people walk away from darkness and stand in the light. She is one of the best inspiration to the creation of “CALRIGER Virtues in Time” by Giancarlo Capco

As regards life’s test and challenges:

In my experience, I have realized a lot from others experiences and also experienced a lot of lessons from the world before the testing day arrive. I guess this is how the Creator test us, He gives us all the wisdom we need to survive and pass the test and most of these wisdoms are in the form of virtues installed in our soul by life and if we follow the heart connected in our soul, we can surely pass the test with flying colors. I have faith that if we pay attention and focus on life’s messages, God is teaching us the solutions thru the virtues that He is giving us as His gifts to us and with these virtues with God’s wisdom we can come up with right solutions to every test that comes our way and that means we will be assured of the right path towards a good life with right joy and right love with God in its center 🙂

Bonus Wisdoms:

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