We are all teachers and also students at the same time

Good virtues are shared by good teachers, while bad teachers share bad things and ways, with these its a personal duty of a student to be vigilant and learn to absorb the right good and avoid the bad wrongs – Sovereign Integridad

In relation to our religious practices, many alleged religious preachers and pastors share money making activities favorable to their churches, while few only teaches good things favorable to the whole world and the souls living in it. People cannot just follow commands of religious leaders blindly, we need to study what they preach and follow only those we understand and put to practice those that are truly right and good for the soul.

It is a sad reality that people easily forget acquired wisdom from the past that is why those who are gifted with sharp memory are given the duty to remind people about wisdom and learning from painful history. People needs frequent advices and repeated stories of their memories to remember lessons learned from painful experience. These reminders are very important for them to remember that doing good things and always doing right actions are part of personal duties given to us to maintain cleanliness in our souls.

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