Love, the Creator’s Gift to us All

Love, the Creator’s Gift to us All

Sharing a photo of my favorite friend Persian, she is a snobbish type of friend but can truly bring me joy when she starts warming my cold day.

Loving living things whether animals or plants or human lives is caring and the love should never stop even though they are not loving you back they way you do because we are created by our Creator to care, share and Love without expecting anything in return. Right Love Right Life, the Great Gift from up Above.

When you love, you never stop caring just to make sure that those that you love can have better lives even though it means sacrificing your time, personal joy and resources for them, this is important just to make sure that they can have better good lives with or without you in the picture.

It is true love to love without owning the one you love especially the one you love with all your heart, mind and soul. Practice of unconditional love is very hard but that is the best way to love.

Inspired by the post: Sarah Geronimo’s love to her dogs. And Calriger post about : Marriage under God’s wisdom comes with commitment, loyalty, honesty, trust or all of those in 1 cor.13: 4-8 and result is joyfull right love relationship.

Love by Calriger GCaps

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