Story Behind How I Started my Calriger SolarRev Business

How I started my Calriger SolarRev Tech Business is enshrined with the principle that deciding to have certain business is like loving a child, a father will always think what is best for the child and give unconditional love all the time strategically. I started Calriger tech with Php 2,500 capital from my law school savings and my office was my garage and attic as my tech lab and after so many years I have a fully equipped SolarRev Powered Calriger Solar Powered Facility with the Solar Emergency Response Vehicles equipped with SolarRev Generators

Calriger started from a garage project and my tech laboratory was my house attic

I started inventing the SolarRev Generator using scrap materials and other hardware goods from my uncle’s hardware – Kuya Kano who shared me his military tech from his work as aircraft mechanics

During the past my Calriger models and endorsers were my friends who volunteers for a cause and with the heart to support my mission to provide technologies to the Filipino people. – Lop Ponciano, CEO of Terranutra Trading

Some of my friends from various countries also volunteered to promote my Calriger SolarRev business because they have faith that someday Calriger can also help make the whole world to have right and good progress – Eri Mizunuma from Japan
As my Calriger SolarRev and Technologies grow, I share them to the community and to people suffering in poverty because I know that teaching them skills and virtues can help them eradicate the poverty that they suffer in their lives. Advocacy Missions must always be part of our lives

My hardwork was followed by the birth of my invention the SolarRev Generators

After 5 years of hardwork and counting the Calriger SolarRev Powered Facility Pateros was constructed

After 5 years of hardwork making my Calriger business grow, I have now a fully equipped SolarRev Powered Calriger Solar Powered Facility

As the CEO and Father of Calriger SolarRev I am thankful for the support of my family, friends and people who love me and the Calriger missions

Calriger SolarRev with Capco Family and Atty Romulo Macalintal during the appreciation event in the Calriger Solar Powered Facility
Calriger with Atty Romulo Macalintal sharing each others advocacies to make the Philippines a better place for all Filipinos especially to senior citizens. Calriger Tech opens its doors to giving business opportunities to senior citizens and PWD thru the inspiration and motivation of Atty.Romulo Macalintal
Calriger with Paul Ranger the SERVE Solar Emergency Response VEhicle, the vehicle that always brings Calriger to offgrid sites to ensure that the mission to solar power the Philippines can be achieved

Calrger with Gina Lopez in advocacy projects to bring solar lights and power to offgrid communities in the Philippines. Advocacy sharing during the Rotary QC event

Advice about business:

Love is part of business success principle

Making sure that the one I love like my child is safe (Caring for the SolarRev and its Accesories)
The Calriger Leadership Life Codes
Spending time with the Calriger SolarRev to know its performance and see what else it needs for it to be at its best. Loving makes sure that the one you love will be at its best and for it to be at its maximum effectiveness and efficiency and this can only be possible by sharing your precious time to its progress and development – During a successful SolarRev installation in Lake Caliraya
Facing every challange, trials and hardships to ensure that the mission to bring Calriger SolarRev to those who are in need will be a success
I will Never stop Sharing the wisdom and virtues of Calriger SolarRev to all the people who ask for these and even to those are are shy to ask

Pagmahal mo Gagawin mo ang lahat to make sure na magiging ok siya, mag grogrow siya ng tama at pag naging ok siya, mag cocontribute siya sa pagpaparami ng mga tamang mga bagay sa ating mundo.

Giancarlo Capco CEO of Calriger and father of SolarRev Generators

Ang pag iisip ng negosyo na mamahalin mo at palalaguin mo, Parang pagibig yan, follow and listen muna your heart about what business you like, then wag ka muna mag move,assess muna kung deserving ba yung business sa time and resources na gagamitin mo and ibibigay mo sa kanya = business . Invest time and resources sa business in your heart and mind if you will make the business grow like your very own child, meaning mamahalin mo kahit ano pang hirap ang pagdadaanan mo sa pag ooperate nito, pag ito lumago aalagaan ka naman ng business na pinalago at minahal mo ng buong puso at buhay mo. If this is not whats in your heart and mind, this means infatuation lang or like lang and not love, ibigsabihin lang you need to recalibrate your thinking. Commitment is important in love and dont worry when hardships strikes your path because God sends all support to His missionaries if He supports your business operation kaya dont forget to use your business in doing good and right things, and always honour and glorify the Creator who gives us all that we have. GIANCARLO CAPCO CALRIGER TECH Business Principles

Part of Calriger Missions is to empower as many people as possible to have skills and virtues that they can use to help other to have better lives. Love, care and share for the betterment of our world. Join our missions, teach the skills that we will share to you and inspire and motivate them to continue the sharing advocacy.

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